8 Things To Consider Before Finding A Name

It can be harder than you think

I remember sitting down the very first time with Dan before we knew the sex of our baby. We were going to think of some names. “You can’t name a baby after a living relative?!” Daniel exclaimed as we sat on the sofa, him watching TV me flicking through baby names online. Well, news to me. “Fine” I say. “Jack? Joseph? Phoenix?…”

We know that conflicting opinions are common place during a baby naming discussion. I remember being around six years old and my parents trying to decide on my brother’s name – James or Alex. Such a hard decision! I remember white flash cards turned upside down in our kitchen, them sat on bar stools giving their argument for each name. They eventually settled on James Alexander.

It’s not always tricky for everyone though. Lots of parents already know the name of their baby before he/she is born. To be honest, we’ve already fallen in love with a few particular girls names. It’s just annoying when you can’t find even a couple of names that you can agree on for the opposite sex.


To Begin

I mentally started to draw up a little list of things to cover off before delving into that book of 1000 BABY NAMES, a telephone directory style of names from A – Z. It helps to narrow down the search just a little. Here’s what I think could work:

1. How do you and your partner feel about extraordinary names? Unusual spellings of normal names, names of fruits for people, colours or countries even. I threw out a few of these myself to which Dan politely declined.

2. Are family names, friends children’s names and exes names off the table?

3. Will your baby have a second name? If so, does it matter if the first name is quite long?

4. How do you guys feel about surnames for first names?

5. Are TV characters / movie hero’s names off limits? Who might win X Factor this year? Would you dislike that as your child’s name?

6. How do you guys feel about a baby name with just one syllable? Elle, Hope, Joy, Ben, Chris, Jake?

7. What about names from outside the UK? Outside of English? I quite like Israeli names, or how about Greek names like Andrianna, Olympia?

8. What are your guys thoughts on classic, old names? Names due a revival like Ada, Bessie, Harry, Mabel?

Hopefully once you’ve nailed this, you’ll be able to flick through lists of names for inspiration and not even have to bother asking your loved one whether it’s a yes or no. Unless of course you really love it and perhaps they can be persuaded?

Good luck!

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