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A Baby In The City With Joules


Being from South Wales, I grew up with people having children relatively young. They also tend to live in big houses with lots of space both indoors and out. But having lived in the city of London for almost a decade, I’m aware of the major differences bringing a baba up in a big city has versus country living. Aside from the super expensive (and hard to come by) childcare, there’s also the fact we’re constantly negotiating our personal space on the streets, on the tube and even in the shopping centre. It’s costly, family may not always be as close as you’d like and don’t even get me started on school waiting lists. There’s pollution, expensive days out and a high concentration of traffic too. Not great when baby is screaming in the back of the car to be fed.

The Preparation

So with a baby in tow, life in the city may not all be about visiting Giles Coren’s best reviewed restaurants but more how to store baby food in the right container when popping out to the local supermarket. It may no longer be all about coveting those new Gucci shoes either but more about stopping women on the street to ask them where they bought their pram accessories. Heck, you might even be thinking more long term and about home ownership in the city now too. With a baby in a busy city, preparation and organisation has never been more paramount. Healthcare, car dealers, moving to a new catchment area, it’s all worth considering. But one thing that isn’t stressful when having a baby in the city is what to dress them in. In fact, that’s the best bit.


(Above, Pink Layered Summer Romper Suit – now in the sale)

Baby Fashion

Regular readers of (and my other blog, Sassy In The City) will know how much I shop at Joules. Their womenswear is fab, their menswear has made for some great presents over the years and my home is already housing some of their beautiful homeware accessories. When welcoming baby in to the world, there’s no denying you’ll want them in the best (and most adorable) clothes you can find. From cute rompers to playful baby-grows, through to the tiniest of socks and remarkably comfortable jackets, Joules has the lot. What’s great is that they’re made using premium quality fabric and even when washed over and over again, they still look brand new.


(Above, Delphi Pool Blue Jersey Playsuit – now in the sale)

Joules & City Babies

In the city, it’s more important than ever to consider layering. I gave my city style tips to the Joules blog readers on how women style their city looks to accommodate for the ever changing weather etc. and in principle the same applies for babies. Layers are important – you don’t want baby burning up or getting too cold. On the colder Autumnal days, I plan on dressing my baby in this gorgeous Cosette reversible fleece jacket with a sweet little baby grow underneath. For the Summer months, this layered romper suit  will look adorable for picnics in the park with a sunhat and plenty of sun protection. Or how about this jersey playsuit (above) which allows baby to move about and stay cool. Whatever you decide on, make sure you take a flick through the Joules baby section first because there’s always something new.



(Above, Razmataz Baby Grow)


In a busy city, it’s tricky to find changing facilities and navigate your way through department stores. Consider the sheer size and population of a city like London. It’s completely manic! So when you’re out shopping and you need to run to change the baby, the last thing you want is to be delayed with complicated fastenings and awkward outfits to take on and off. Pieces like this hand drawn, patterned Razamataz babygrow aren’t just chic, they’re also practical. The ease in which you can take off and pop back on is definitely something that I’ll be prioritising with my baby in the city.


Have you checked out the new A/W baby range at Joules? Xx

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