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An Innovative Way Of Keeping Your Baby Calm

Throughout my pregnancy I’ve been surprised at the sheer volume of baby things available. In the early days Dan and I visited the baby section of John Lewis. Feeling so completely overwhelmed, I burst out crying. It was a combination of confusion and anxiety over everything we needed to get. What the hell is this massive pump machine that’s over £100?

Now that I’m 28 weeks pregnant, I’ve learned from so many people (and honest store assistants) that many things aren’t necessary. Like the fashion and beauty industry, there’s a huge marketing budget behind every baby item. It’s designed to make you think you need it. You don’t.

The Gro Company

But then there are the cool things I hear about that whilst aren’t a core need per se (crib, nappies and blanket), they’ll definitely make being a mum less of a struggle. You’ll know from my main blog, that there are so many beautiful London restaurants on my doorstep. I hadn’t really considered how that aspect of my life will change when baby comes. Can I still get my fix of Lamb pasta at Sartoria? Can I still chill out at Fortnum & Mason’s The Parlour? With a baby in tow it seems almost unfair to subject them to that kind of noise and disruption. But I know it doesn’t have to be a huge issue thanks to a cool new design from The Gro Company.


When I first heard of the Gro-hush I have to admit I was impressed. In short, it’s a unique portable white noise baby calmer.  It transmits soothing ‘white noise’ directly to your baby which allows your baby to be soothed and calmed without disturbing others around you. And that includes customers at restaurants and cafes. It aims to keep them relaxed and happy so you can go ahead and enjoy that coffee with friends.

In total there’s a choice of three soothing white noise sounds. Heart-beat, ocean waves or rain falling on a tin roof. If like me you’re a bit obsessed with the sound of rain to send you to sleep, then you’ll understand just how impactful the sound can be.

First Impressions

Initially my concern was the level of sound being transmitted through the super soft padding. Rest assured, so much testing has been done with the Gro Hush and all the controls are set at a safe volume.

I plan on using mine not just when I’m out and about but also at home. Particularly when baby needs to be calmed in the early hours of the morning when husband is asleep next to me.

What Else?

Battery operated so no unnecessary plug in cables or problems when you’re out at the shops and the battery runs out. Just buy some new AAA batteries. It also comes with a handy travel case so it’s both safe and hygienic to throw in to the change bag. The padding is also removable for washing. After 10 minutes it automatically switches off so there’s no excessive use. The sound levels also can’t be changed so no danger of accidentally knocking it up too loud.

Get your Gro-Hush here for £14.99 reduced from £24.99.

Have you tried any cool new products? Xx

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