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Bathtime According to Babies


Baby Mia tells us her story…

Boy do I love bathtime?!

“A chance for me to show off my smiles to Daddy. Oh and pose for the photos Mummy sends to people and splash around in 37 degree water. It’s so nice that they’re both in the bathroom with me. But sometimes I prefer just one of them because they’re always telling each other the best way to wash me and stuff. They do this weird thing with their elbow too where they dip it in the bath all the time before putting me in. I don’t understand why they only ever wash their elbow, what are they doing that makes it so dirty?

Anyway they’ve started using this new body wash on me which smells a bit like a field they took me to in the New Forest the other week. Mum keeps saying “it’s chemical free! It’s chemical free!”, whatever that means. Maybe in a few months when I go through that exciting phase of grabbing things and putting them in my mouth I’ll surprise them all and taste it for myself. Maybe there’s milk in there? OMG how exciting! More milk!

In the bath I lie back on this super comfy pink thing and reach my arms out to the side to be sponged down. Mum gets embarrassingly over-excitable when I do this and says I’m such a clever girl (eye roll, easily pleased). The warm, soft seat thing has holes in the back so when they rinse the field smell off me the water just falls through. It’s so nice, makes me feel really clean. Which is good because I filled a big nappy earlier and intend on doing it again when I get out. You know, right after they’ve changed me and laid me down to sleep? I love that game!

At the end they pour water on my head to get the shampoo off my hair. Mummy always strokes it and comments on how lovely my full head of hair is. Hers is falling out now. I find bits on me in the bath. “Your loose hair is in my mouth Mum!” I tell her sometimes, but she just says “ssh, now now”. I don’t think she can hear me so I go up a notch in volume until she’s looked at me for the fourth time and realised I’ve a piece of long brown hair hanging out of my mouth. Tut.

Mum sings to me in the bath sometimes. I feel a bit sorry for her because she’s so off key and never gets the words right if singing in Welsh. I’ve watched a lot of Rugby with Daddy so am getting pretty au fait with national anthems. Daddy’s fun in the bath too, he tells me to “kick, kick, kick!”. I love kicking, it makes splashes and water goes up in the air. I have such a good time in the bath that when their giant hands lean in to pick me up and take me out, I throw myself into a plank and stiffen up, all the while screaming and telling them I do NOT want to get out! They don’t listen though, they just lay me on this warm towel with a fleece underneath.

It’s not so bad I guess but I like to test them and cry for no reason anyway.

After bathing Mum likes to groom me. When she cuts my nails I worry she’s going to cut my fingers off and then I won’t have anything to put in my mouth. Did I tell you that my goal at the moment is to get my entire fist in my mouth? It’s busy work and takes up a lot of my time. I’m trying to make it as difficult for them to cut my nails as possible right now, I wish they would just get the hint and leave me alone. Anyway, I’m ready for bed so I’ll see you in the morning. Or maybe at 4am hahahah who knows, I might surprise you!”


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