Due to high volumes, regretfully I’m unable to answer every email. I endeavour to reply to all relevant messages but now and then there are a few delays for which I apologise. You may get a response from It’s perfectly fine, it’s still me.


I do offer banner advertising to one brand at a time. There is also the occasional sponsored collaboration which (by law) is always clearly marked. For any commercial projects including advertising, styling, video content, public meet and greets, talks, modelling and endorsements please email me


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If you are a company that wishes to send things to try, please bear in mind it’s for consideration only and I’m under no obligation to write about it. Only if I love something will I feature it. I want my readers to always feel inspired and empowered to be the best mother’s they can possibly be, so in turn I promise relevancy and things I would buy or have bought myself. Please email before sending anything and note that due to my busy schedule, I’m unable to return samples.

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