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As a blogger with a skincare obsession, I know what works for my adult, aged skin. While I know that some acids and chemicals are great for my skin, I understand that some (even more gentle) chemicals are bad for me. So when it comes to babies, of course I know they need special skincare for their gentle new skin but what I’ve been finding out is quite scary. Brands marketed as ‘kind to babies’ and super ‘gentle’ aren’t actually what they seem. So as with anything, it always pays to read the label.


What started out as general interest in baby body products has grown into a priority. Right now my baby’s little dressing area is full of natural products. From balms to nappies and shampoo’s to bath wash. I’m really keeping my eye on those ingredients and trying to buy as organic as possible. Now I’m not saying it’s bad to buy anything other than natural products – I fully respect that it’s each to their own. In fact my entire family were brought up on Johnson’s Baby it’s just that right now, for me it’s just personal preference.

Kit & Kin

Kit & Kin was founded by Emma Bunton (yes, the ex Spice Girl) and Christopher Money (who brings 15 years experience developing mother and baby products for some of the world’s leading brands). They’re a brand I’ve known about for the past month or so and I literally haven’t stopped opening the bottles and smelling the products. Launched in March this year, Kit & Kin understand that parents want to give children the best start in life. The brand have developed a range consisting of bio-degradable nappies and certified natural skincare for mothers and babies.



I joined a Facebook group for babies and was alarmed by a picture of a baby burned by chemicals in a faulty batch of supermarket own brand nappies. While I understand of course this was just a one off bad pack of nappies, the thought of excess chemicals burning my little baby really made me aware of what was going into nappies.

I can’t bring myself to use washable nappies for many reasons so I love Kit & Kin’s debut range of bio-degradable nappies (£7.99) as a natural alternative. I especially love the cute little animal faces on the bum!  They’ve been developed to provide maximum comfort, dryness and security for up to 12 hours. Amazing! They’re dermatologically tested and approved and each nappy uses more sustainable materials than many other standard household brands. They also obviously contain fewer chemicals. As well as their environmentally friendly nappies, they’ve also launched bio-degradable nappy sacks (£2.49), will break down and biodegrade within three to six years, contributing to a greener and happier planet.


Suitable For Newborn

In addition, the range also includes a super gentle, nourishing selection of skincare products for mothers and babies that uses natural, soothing and delicious smelling ingredients and essential oils to care for and protect delicate and problem areas. Winner all round! I must be honest, I’ve been tempted to use it in a bath already and baby isn’t even here yet!

What’s great about this range is that all of the products are designed to work. Just on a more gentle scale. They clean thoroughly and moisturise deeply, whilst remaining free-from parabens, SLSs and artificial colours. My stomach has literally drank the amazing stretch mark oil (£9.99). It’s been created using a blend of 15 naturally nourishing oils including sunflower, jojoba, strawberry and mandarin. It’s definitely kept my skin supple.



The naturally nourished bubble bath (£7.99) smells divine thanks to its combination of plant extracts such as plum, mango, strawberry and ginseng. It uses no harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances so I’m really looking forward to using this at bath time. The Shampoo & Body Wash (£7.99) has also been designed to be super gentle on even the most sensitive of skin. Emma Bunton herself said:

“My son has always suffered with eczema and for so many years we struggled to find products
that weren’t full of chemicals that would further irritate his skin . As a mother, my children are
my number one priority and I do everything I can to ensure they’re always safe, healthy and
happy. At Kit & Kin, we want to take away the stress and worry parents often experience when
trying to choose the best products for their family. That’s why we’ve developed an amazing
range you can trust to care and protect for your family as they grow.”


I also can’t wait to use the baby oil (£8.99) on my little one. This one has a blend of 12 naturally nourishing oils including jojoba, ginseng, rosehip, apricot and papaya. Fingers crossed it keeps her relaxed during baby massage!



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