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Fashion, Blogging & Baby Bump: Interview

When I started blogging over at it was a hobby. My writing was awful, my images were low res, blurry and taken on my iPhone. I never thought it’d be my full time job. When I discovered I was pregnant I fully appreciated that work was likely to die down. I didn’t have any idea what life could be like 7 months pregnant particularly as it’s my first baby. I’ve been so delighted to have worked with so many brands though, brands who don’t mind that I’m heavily pregnant. I said in my last post that in the past few weeks I’ve been interviewed by Joules, shot something exciting with Astrid & Miyu and had an interview go live with with some more in the pipeline. When contacted me to do an interview too I couldn’t believe it!
For those who don’t know, is one of those websites where you’ll instantly get addicted. I check it almost everyday. Content includes food, living, pregnancy, parenting and they even have some awesome competitions. They’re a pretty well established baby site.

In essence, My Baba’s aim is to address all of the issues relevant to women before pregnancy and motherhood as well as during and after. It’s been a great resource for me during my pregnancy. The advice and information has been great.

My Baba aims to help women with their decisions. Great for people like me who, aside from my sister in law and sister, don’t have that many friends with babies and can often feel quite lonely/mental when it comes to having a baby and the responsibility it brings with it. My Baba helps to simplifying things and doesn’t send you over the edge (like many baby groups do).

So I’ve teamed up with My Baba to answer a few questions from coping as an expecting mother to how I’ll work when baby comes.

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*(These photos were taken at 3 months pregnant)

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