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First Impressions of Mothercare’s Baby Carrier

An honest review…

For 5 and a half months, a baby carrier was one of those things that sounded like a great idea but was the last thing I’d ever think to get around to buying. With our trip to Cornwall on the horizon though, I pictured Mia and I on a family coastal walks and decided to do a little research into them with my mother in law. Lots of online reading and in-store try ons later, I became the new proud owner of the Mothercare 4 position baby carrier.



Baby Carriers

They aren’t for everyone, especially my husband who suffers terribly with his back. But from the moment I put her in and did some chores I knew instantly it was going to be something I would use all the time. She’s even taken her morning in nap in one during a long walk!

There are hundreds of carriers on the market from cheap to pretty pricey – I know, I’ve tried most of them. For £55 this is mid-market and comes with a number of benefits that in my opinion are equal to that of a £150 one:



Not just great value for money and perfect for soothing but also:

      Four Positions:

  • front facing inward from birth
  • front facing outward from 3 months
  • back position inwards from 6 months
  • hip position from 6 months


  • made from cotton
  • padded straps don’t ‘dig in’
  • baby sits comfortably and close
  • adjustable
  • wide waistband for balanced weight distribution and lower back support (

      For Baby:

  • dribble bib to keep the carrier fresh and clean
  • hidden zip pocket to store dribble bibs when not in use
  • close to mum
  • front facing to explore the world or facing inwards for comfort and settling
  • suitable for newborns
  • structured seat to ensure ergonomic seating position for baby, supporting their spine and hips


At the moment the carrier’s only been used around the house and on park walks. I’m really looking forward to walking up and down and coasts, the hillsides and the beach!


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