First Impressions of Belly Bandit

Hi guys, sorry it’s been a little while since my last post, I’ve been feeling so sick and reluctantly took a couple of days away from the blog to rest up.

Last week I visited my midwife and was told at 28 weeks I’m actually measuring in at 32 weeks. Cue glucose tests for diabetes and plenty of advice to not worry, it’s normal. Either way I feel enormous! I genuinely thought I’d have a belly this size at 9 months – not 7. It’s been a busy few days in the city and whilst I’ve tried a host of baby gear, there are some which really stand out. Like this Belly Bandit “Flawless Belly” band.


What Does It Do?

It’s innovative design and WonderWeave™ material allows mums-to-be to soak themselves in moisturiser and treatments 24/7 to help prevent stretch marks. It has a special ‘grow-with-you’ concept that lets skin breathe all the while locking in moisture and keeping clothes protected.

Aside from stretch marks, it also works to extend the life of your wardrobe. By wearing underneath your usual tops and over jeans, it adds an extra layer of coverage. Importantly it also lifts and supports your pregnant belly. I notice a huge difference in my posture when I’m sat working on my laptop as my back feels a lot more ‘pulled in’. If you decide to breastfeed it’s also great at concealing your body as you lift your top.

Before, During & After

At around £50, it doesn’t come cheap BUT it’s an investment. You can wear it before, during and after your pregnancy and the support it’s given me whilst working has been invaluable. I give it top marks for design and comfort. It’s also great for wearing under dresses on the days I need a little more shape.

Belly Bandit

If you’ve never heard of Belly Bandit, check out their website. They have some fabulous nursing tanks, leggings, shorts and even pieces to buy to help you tone up and get back in to shape once baby is here.


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