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First Impressions Of Chicco Next 2 Me Crib

for baby’s sleep time…

In my post “My Most Used Baby Bits” I featured the Chicco Next 2 Me Crib and subsequently received lots of emails from you guys asking me what it’s like. So here’s why it’s the one thing I’ve recommended to anyone having a baby!

Welcome to the world…

When I fell pregnant I spent a long time thinking about sleeping arrangements. At the time we were having some renovations to make way for the little bundle so timing was crucial. How long would she be in our bedroom with us? When will her room be ready? In the end we decided to go by the NHS guidelines and advice of our midwife and have her in our room for 6 months. So I wanted a decent crib to welcome her into the world.


There wasn’t much to deliberate over; I’d already read rave reviews and loved the fact you could pull down the side, adjust the height according to your bed and literally have her sleep – next to me.

In the beginning when I was breast feeding and Mia woke every other hour, it was ideal to just roll over and pick her up. I could hear her gentle breathing throughout the night and was assured she was ok, all without her being in the same bed.

I was impressed that it helps newborns adjust their sleeping patterns and overall improve parent-child bonding. It’s really light so it’s easy to move around and there’s a rocking feature (very useful for those 4am wake ups when you need to soothe baby back to sleep). It’s also adjustable to tilt, designed to help ease reflux and congestion.

We plan on using this right up until Mia’s six months old. It’s been moved away from our bed with the side pulled up for that little bit of independence.  The crib also features a breathable side so there’s no worry over suffocation or banging onto a hard side.

I really love this crib and think it’s definitely one of the best things we have for Mia!

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