Don’t Be Limited To Maternity Clothes When Expecting

Hey guys! So I’m back. I’m married and after a soft launch of the new blog last month, I’m now back full time and ready to power through the upcoming season with updates and stories. Right now I’m around 25 weeks pregnant which is the size of a cauliflower for all you app fans. I’d say all in all I’ve gained about 2.5 stone! After reading loads of pregnancy forums I’ve learned it’s quite tricky to find a ‘one size suits all’ weight gain in pregnancy. So I’m ditching the scales and just trying to be healthy. Well, some of the time anyway.

So pre pregnancy I was around a size 10/12 (obviously carrying a little Costa Rican holiday weight just before haha). Now I’d say I’m about a 10 in maternity clothes. What’s great about 2017 though is that you don’t have to be limited purely to pregnancy clothes as there’s SO MUCH available (designer and high street) in a certain cut that’ll allow for a bigger belly.


Viscose is a lovely stretchy fabric that can be quite clingy. But thanks to the sophisticated and well thought out cut on these tops from Colcouture, I know I can go up to a size 14 and it’ll still be long and wide enough to cover the bump. You’ll know from my other blog that I’m a fan of luxury items. However, it can be hard to justify the spend when you know you’re not going to be wearing it longer than your pregnancy.

Going up a size in non maternity fashion eliminates this problem. I know that post baby, I’ll still get a lot of wear out of this gorgeous pointed collar top. At £97, it’s an investment piece that will last and the attention to detail (particularly on the collar and arm cuff) is superb. I also have this soft dusty pink version (£97) which I know I won’t take off over the summer months as baby grows bigger and bigger.

A Good Blazer

You’ll have noticed on my Sassy In The City Instagram that I wore blazers a lot in the first 3 months. Mostly to disguise my rapidly growing bump. Blazers hide a multitude of sins (and are great at covering weight gain even when you’re not pregnant) especially those designed to be oversized. I love wearing mine with a loose fitting cami underneath. This H&M one isn’t available any more but there are plenty of long line and tux styles on the high street right now.

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Quality Maxi Dresses

When I first discovered that baby is due in September, I thought hurrah! A Summer of living in maxi dresses! But after trying on a few that (being honest) were cheap and tatty fabric, I knew there was no point buying in bulk rubbish dresses that made me feel a bit dowdy just because I had to wear bigger and more forgiving things.

A quick ASOS shop led me to so many beautiful dresses that when bought in a 14 or 16 (like the one above), they made me feel quite fashionable. Actually, all without feeling frumpy. Sadly it’s not available in white anymore but you can get this black version still. It’s only £32!

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The Basics

Of course ask any pregnant person about their shopping habits now that they’re expecting and they’ll probably tell you they’ve started spending more on accessories, shoes and bags. When I first arrived back in the UK and knew I was pregnant, I spent ages chatting to my younger sister about cheap basics. Louise has two so she knows her stuff! Her advice was to stock up on plenty of plain coloured tops that you can wear with jeans, trousers and sweats. So I did. I bought size 14 and 16 plain tops from M&S, Gap and ASOS. This white top has seen me through my Cornwall holiday and meetings in the West End. It’s great teamed with heels, a clutch, some Stella & Dot jewellery and black cigarette maternity pants.

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Have you gone up a few dress sizes in anything? What are you buying at the moment? Xx

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