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Hush Little Baby Don’t You Cry

Of course ‘sleeping through the night’ is the dream for most parents. Is Mia sleeping through right now? No. Am I shattered? Yes. She’s 5 months old and it’s never too late to start sleep training. Luckily for me there’s a glimmer of hope that’s come in the form of my good friend Heidi of The Parent and Baby Coach.

What is ‘Sleep Training’?

Put simply, it’s selecting the right method for you to help your baby drift off back to sleep by themselves so that they eventually drop any wakes entirely thus helping you as parents get that all important full night’s sleep. It’s not just parents that benefit from this good night of sleep either, long and quality sleep is of paramount importance to all babies and toddlers.

Who is The Parent and Baby Coach?

You may have already heard of Heidi, she has over 7,000 followers on her Instagram and has a bowl full of testimonials from happy clients. Heidi has over 15 years experience working closely with parents. Teamed with her qualifications and sleep knowledge, she’s in high demand. On offer are London based workshops, events and online webinars concerning sleep guidance and routine (as well as specialising in baby weaning, play and development toddler behaviour and potty training).

It was following my cry for help with Mia that I travelled to South London to visit Heidi and get some valuable insight into the wonderful world of babies and their habits.

What’s it worth?

As a new mum with not much baby experience, I was really blown away by how little I actually knew about little darlings and the need for routine. I learned about sleep cycles, comforter do’s and don’t’s, good sleep habits and those all important sleep training methods. I came away feeling totally ready and geared up to turn mine – and Mia’s – life around. Armed with a new routine and a wealth of tips and tricks, I’m really looking forward to implementing everything I’ve learned and reaping the rewards. After all, what new mum doesn’t want a great night’s sleep and a happy, healthy baby full of life?


Right now Mia is in bed by 7.30pm and dream fed at 11pm. She wakes normally at 3ish and again at 5ish and is then up for the day at 7.30am. I’m hoping to turn that around so that she’s aware night time means bed time, see you in the morning! Mia’s been unwell for the past two weeks so I haven’t managed to start putting in to practice everything I’ve taken away from The Parent and Baby Coach but I’m really excited to start when she’s better. I’ll be writing a follow up in a month or so!

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