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iCandy In The City


Preparing for Mia’s arrival came with a mixture of anticipation (the impending responsibility) and a heightened protectiveness. Like any new mum I wanted the best so I spent time checking fabrics, rereading instruction manuals and doing my online research on all of the weird and wonderful contraptions. Safety and efficiency is key but if it can be stylish at the same time, even better!

Even though collaboration opportunities came my way I already knew the brand I wanted to team up with and that was iCandy. They’re really great. I was due to do a public appearance with them at the London Olympia Baby Show too but having had Mia so near the date I had to pull out. So why did I go for an iCandy pram?


One that can fit easily in the boot, especially important when you’re parked almost bumper to bumper on the busy streets!

Can it be taken on the tube? I travel a lot via the underground when a car just isn’t appropriate.

Is it easy to wheel through the busy streets?

Something fuss-free that I wouldn’t have to change as Mia grew into a toddler (built to last)

Easy to pull up to open and push down to close  

Sturdy and good enough to keep Mia safe and sound

iCandy Peach

I’d heard about their design and functionality and had tried a few in store. They’re the favoured brand of Victoria and David Beckham and even Sir Richard Branson. It’s a dream to use, from the one handed fold to the 360 revolving wheels. It’s something I actually look forward to using even when I’m out and about on my own with Mia!

For those who are considering buying the iCandy Peach here’s why I think it’s worth the investment.

Firstly, in my opinion the quality is unparalleled; I feel confident in knowing that when I’ve used the one push brake button that it’s not going anywhere. The lightweight aluminium frame is also a godsend for tired mums who just want to switch it down and throw it into the back of the car! The suspension is really great – so if like me you’re shopping one minute and visiting family in Wales the next (where the ground is more green and rocky) you’ll really enjoy the experience. You can also position the your baby closer to you or further away and there’s a carrycot for newborns which is great for when they’re sleeping. No need to transfer them in to a cot when you’re back home if they’ve fallen asleep.


But that’s not all…

There are some really cool accessories you can pair with it. I have the iCandy coffee cup holder, waterproof covers, shade covers etc. and love using the universal hand muff that I got from Amazon (recommended by a friend). When Mia’s grown she can move in to the iCandy chair – it’s designed to evolve with your baby.

It’s not often I so passionately endorse a brand but together in our iCandy pram Mia and I have already had some amazing adventures! With everything that us mums have on our plate, something this decent is well worth the investment.

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iCandy Peach Carrycot

iCandy Peach Pushchair in Moonlight

iCandy Cup Holder Clamp

iCandy Upper Car Seat Adapters

iCandy Peach Footmuff

iCandy Seat Liner

Shoes – Gucci

Black Body – Pull & Bear

Side Stripe Trouser – New Look

Check Blazer – H&M


Photography by Reece Chapman


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