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Dairy Free Weaning, & Inspiring Mums Who Made History

Time is flying and I seem to be saying to everyone with babies at the moment, “omg where has the time gone?”. So, Mia is 11 months old now and ever the eternal dweller, I’m so emotional about her looming 1st birthday. It’s been such a rollercoaster ride but hand on heart I can honestly say that Mia is my biggest achievement. In fact, as a very smart woman pointed out this morning, being a MUM TO MIA is also, my biggest and best achievement. There’s nothing quite like having a little person who is totally reliant on you to help them navigate through this world.

And so, with joy and motherhood in mind, plus a little nod to the incredible little ladies (and men) that we’re all raising (or about to raise), today’s post is dedicated to all things cheerful, joyful and as always, helpful. Here’s what I’ve been reading this month…


Learning Corner

‘Why Kristin Cavallari Stopped Responding To Mom Shamers’

Because like many, I’m obsessed with Very Cavallari & think she’s an awesome mama.

‘Dairy Free Weaning: A Survival Guide’

My Rabbi told me about the ‘Run Out Of Womb’ blog when I was pregnant and I’ve found it hilarious. This more serious style post is useful especially if like me you’ve opted to not give your baby cow’s milk.

‘8 Must Haves That Celebrate Post Partum Bodies’

Enjoy learning about body confidence.

‘Nurturing Social Emotional Intelligence With Music’

The power of music and babies is talked about in this interesting post that will no doubt encourage you to switch on the radio.

’10-Minute Meditation on Self-Care for Mothers’

Us mums sacrifice everything for everyone else and often forget about ourselves.

‘5 Inspiring Mums Who Made History’

Interesting (American) history.



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