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Sarah Harris Maternity Style, Fitness & Tiny Gentlemen

Tips like “babies shouldn’t be awake for longer than 2 hours at a time” and “if the vest has split shoulders you can pull them down rather than over the baby’s head” (thanks Meera 🙂 ) I only learned after I’d had Mia.

So here’s my new regular series imaginatively named ‘Learning Corner’. Snippets, blog posts and other articles that I’ve found either really interesting, super useful or just reassuring.

Learning Corner

‘A pregnant Vogue Editor’s guide to avoiding maternity wear’

Sarah Harris of Vogue reveals her tips

‘The unglamour’

My good friend (and trusty WhatsApp-at-2am pal) Dr. Daps gives us the lowdown on what to expect in pregnancy that you won’t find on Instagram, Facebook, or *ahem* Vogue

‘How to get dressed if you’re up the duff – and you hate maternity clothes’ 

Pandora Sykes telling us how it really is

‘Why being pregnant does not have to mean quitting your usual fitness routine!’ 

My good friend Heidi (The Parent and Baby Coach) with her tips on exercising

‘On giving yourself a break when you have young children’ 

‘A Baby On Board’ giving us the truth about relaxation

‘Tiny Gentlemen’ 

Lauren from the elegant ‘Hunters and Heels’ gives us her truth on saying goodbye to the little girl she’d always imagined having when she discovered she was expecting another boy. An honest read for anyone who has experienced the same thing or are undecided about finding out the sex of their second/third baby

 ‘What to buy for their sibling’ 

Lucy Tobin of the fantastic ‘Run Out of Womb’ with her gift guide

And finally…

‘New to Netflix’

Because let’s face it, we all enjoy Netflix and a glass of wine

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