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Maternal Brain Changes & Tips For First Time Parents

Wow what a past few weeks! Mia’s changing at the rate of knots, we’re now saying words, pulling ourselves up and desperate to walk while holding hands. My sister has also just told us that she’s expecting her third baby and now that I’ve experienced birth and a new baby myself I feel an even understanding and elation to her news. Which brings me to this month’s learning corner. Here’s what I’ve been reading this month…


Learning Corner

‘Why Aren’t We Talking About Maternal Brain Changes?’

An important read on mental health and talking to one another about what’s really going on.

‘I Wanted To Be Perfect For Her’

Serena Williams opens up about her post natal struggles, something that really resonated with me having PND myself.

‘Family Rituals Making Feeding Time Easier’

I’ve already adopted some of my own rituals when it comes to making mealtimes easier for myself – and Mia.

’30 Tips For First Time Parents’

Quite an old article but really good for those with children or for those expecting.

‘What To Do During A Severe Allergic Reaction’

Useful tips and illustrations from St John’s Ambulance. Good to know if you’re weaning or starting baby on new foods.

‘Modern Girls Guide: Baby Shower Etiquette’

A fun read if you’re attending, planning or organising a baby shower.

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