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Creativity & Baby Names For Their Future

I took a little break from Little In The City in a bid to balance everything and get on top of life. For those who don’t know, I’ve been suffering with post natal depression and often even the smallest of tasks can feel like I’m trying to move bricks. I finally feel like I’m getting on top of everything slowly but surely, so what better way to come back than a new instalment of learning corner! So here are my great reading finds from the last few months.


Learning Corner

‘Nutritionist’s Guide to Pregnancy Cravings and Food Aversions’

Because we might all crave a KFC when we’re pregnant but not necessarily want to eat a box of junk food!


‘9 open ended toys to inspire creativity’

Kids toys don’t have to be all noise and plastic fantastic…


‘Creating a Smash Cake for baby’

With Mia turning 1 in September this is a must read for me!


‘Your baby’s name can affect how successful they are in life’

Some interesting food for thought…


‘Gap launches collection with Sarah Jessica Parker’

News of a trendy new collab hitting Gap stores nationwide…


‘Talking Multiples’

What to do when you’re expecting more than one baby.





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