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Wow this really has been the most eventful month yet! Mia’s had a real surge in development with 5 teeth coming through (I did think she’d be turning one with no teeth still…) and a few more sounds and pitches to her little voice. Most excitingly, I saw a new sheer delight on her face the first time she stood up unaided and then without hesitation she began her first few steps. I’m so proud of my little girl for walking before her first birthday but it does now mean extra care needs to be taken around our home. Our home is not the most baby proof despite our best efforts!

Month 12 has definitely been a time for extra reading up on things so here are some great articles I’ve found online.


Learning Corner

‘8 things to do before baby turns one’

A cute list of ideas to capture those precious moments

‘Language development for babies at 12 months old’

An interesting look at some baby communication milestones

‘Gisele Bundchen on new motherhood’

Talking about how she lost herself with babies

‘Self care for busy mums’

A lovely look at ways to take care of you for a better them

’10 ways to be a great Dad’

A great article to send on to the men in our lives

‘Chemicals in plastics and food packaging’

For any mums who are interested in reading up on research on plastics and baby food containers.


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