Longer Baby Clothes


Swedish Born

Now, this isn’t a brand dedicated to clothing for longer babies. It just so happens that they are one of the few brands that do fit Mia well. When I spoke to the lovely lady at the till in the Westfield’s store she said it’s because actually, Swedish babies tend to be a little taller than the UK so the clothing reflects that. Great!



Polarn O. Pyret

From rainwear to jackets and coats, dresses to thermals, they really have everything. It’s functional wear for babies and kids, perfect for our trip to Cornwall where the weather has been a little unpredictable. Famed for their iconic stripe, this Swedish brand tend to be longer in the arms, legs and belly. So I’ve discovered anyway! It’s also seriously stylish.

As a mummy, you do want your babies in comfortable clothes. I’ve been putting this soft Merino wool thermal top on her over a vest. Available in three colours and just £20 it’s a seriously good buy! She can move without feeling restricted and feel really comfortable (with her belly covered, haha).



Picks For The Girls


Picks For The Boys

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