The Truth About Morning Sickness

We all know that pregnancy is unique to each individual and while some suffer with sickness, others (like my sister with her first) sail through feeling completely fine. Me? Imagine having the most severe of hangovers. You know, those ones where you can’t move, focus or even think about eating healthily? Imagine that everyday for about two months. Oh and it doesn’t come in the morning either. The gift comes at about midday and lasts right through until about 7pm.

Right Now

I wrote this around two months ago.

Those who know me or read will know that I like to take care of myself. I like nice clothes, a good haircut, manicures and love playing with new makeup and testing fragrances. Early pregnant Lauren though? Well, right now it’s 3pm and I’m wearing CK PJ bottoms with splashes of water from rinsing a few dishes and a cosy dressing gown covered in Weetabix and chocolate. The only thing I can be bothered to do with my hair is put it in a bun and I’ve not worn makeup in about six days. I look literally like I’ve given up on life.

None of my clothes fit me and I’m apprehensive about ordering too many maternity clothes before the 12 week scan. But hey, this is me. This is the reality of my early pregnancy and oh wait, I feel like I’m going to be sick.

I commented to Dan that I’ve no idea how people manage to commute on the London underground and work a full day when they feel like this so I’m thankful for being able to work from home. My sickness has not only made me look pale and ill but it’s done the reverse of what normally happens (increased appetite, not decreased) and made me put on a stone in weight already. The only things that curbs my sickness are beige foods and chocolate. The other day I ate eight potato waffles at 11am drizzled with mayonnaise in one sitting (as a snack!) and regretted nothing. I’m disgusting.

What Is It?

It’s the nauseous feeling you get from the increase in hormones. Doctors say it’s a good sign as it means the placenta is developing well but don’t feel alarmed if you don’t get any sickness. Each pregnancy is individual.

Is it only in the morning?

No! It can be morning, noon, night, all day or not at all.

How to ease it

In my opinion, there’s no right way aside from listening to your own body. People advise to eat little and often, get rest and eat lots of protein and whole grains but honestly? Give your body whatever it’s craving. Except car sponges, like my sister craved.

Have you been suffering with morning sickness? Xx

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