Treasured Cashmere From Calf & Co.

A Little Luxury For Life

If there’s one thing I’ve learned whilst being pregnant, it’s that babies are super fragile. Stating the obvious I know. But the more research I do in to fabrics, chemical detergents and household germs, the more I want to swaddle my babe in cotton wool and never expose her to anything. Ok, unrealistic. But one thing I know I can control are her little outfits and where they’re sourced from. Of course there’s nothing wrong with being a bit extravagant now and then!

Calf & Co.

When I first came across Calf & Co. I was looking for some gorgeous monogrammed cushions like these £40 neutral ones. I kind of gave up half way through loading my shopping cart – not because of the pieces on offer but because we just can’t stick to a name yet! So whilst baby-with-no-name remains inside of me, I’ve been feasting over the cashmere blankets and outfits. This personalised cashmere blanket in Oyster is just to die for!

But they don’t just cater for babies. Mummies also get a look in. I couldn’t wait to pop my feet in to these super soft cashmere socks. I love that it comes in a set with a luxurious cashmere eye mask too – not forgetting the monogrammed pouch (£55 per set). They’re 100% cashmere and 1000% indulgent.



Parcels arrive in a really lovely white cardboard gift box – making the perfect gift for any mum to be. I want baby to feel comfortable when she starts moving about so these cashmere knitted joggers (below, £56) were right up my street. They come in a beautiful soft grey two-tone melange knit and are super soft. They’ll fit wonderfully over baby’s nappy and a long sleeved pink vest. Great for the Winter too.



A little luxury for life

Check out Calf & Co. online and pick a piece from their bespoke collection that’ll be treasured forever.


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